Customer Says She Loves Her Ladies Wigs in Warrington

april 3We recently had a customer that was interested in purchasing ladies wigs. Warrington, where she lives is a small drive to our shop and she wanted to make sure that we would be able to help her with her needs. We assured her that we could accommodate her taste and style. We set her up with an appointment so she could come in and make her selections. When she arrived she was met by one our experienced consultants and they sat down and discussed her exact needs.

She was very impressed with our stock selection. We have a large variety of human or synthetic hair wigs to choose from and she choose two synthetic wigs and decided to also have a custom wig made for her. Our custom wigs are one of the main reasons she came from Warrington. Ladies wigs custom ordered in our shop come made from Remy hair or European hair. These types of hair are considered very high end hair because of the way they leave the hair cuticles intact. With the cuticle intact this keeps the hair tangle free and softer for the life of the wig. Here decision to also have a custom wig made for her was because with human hair you can cut and style and even dye the hair in the wig.

She left that day with her stock wigs in hand and waited for us to call her and let her know that her custom designed wig was ready. When she was able to come and get her wig she was completely thrilled with the results. She told us that the other two wigs she had taken home earlier were just perfect and she absolutely loved them. Most importantly she was happy she had chosen Crown and Glory to buy her both her stock and custom ladies wigs. Warrington residents, give us a call and see what we can do for you.