Mens Wigs in Runcorn

Mens Wigs in RuncornAt Crown n Glory we address the subject of mens wigs in Runcorn from the perspective of long term experience. We have been a fixture since 1969 with the goal of assisting those with hair loss to regain their confidence through exquisitely created natural looking wigs. It seems that men are expected to be good natured about the kidding they receive as male pattern baldness slowly steals their hair. Perhaps that’s because misery loves company. After all, nearly 7 million men in UK are affected so there is plenty of company. At Crown n Glory, we know that you don’t think there is anything funny about going bald, especially when hair loss begins while still young. You don’t see people expecting women to laugh off their hair loss and just shave off the scattered bits. So why should you?

At Crown n Glory, we have real solutions for men suffering with hair loss and the sooner those solutions are implemented the more comfortable you will be. In Runcorn, mens wigs are fitted for a natural look from quality products and from real hair. We can adapt a ready-made wig or custom make a wig for you. Real hair has many shades of colour blended in to make up your unique hair colour. Some people have very thick hair and others hair is thin. The thickness of the individual hairs varies as well. Wherever your natural hair lands on the colour and thickness scale is the guideline for a natural looking wig. Maybe you always wished you had thick black hair but you didn’t. Choosing such a wig now will not look natural.

Our technicians at Crown n Glory are discreet so when you call us for a free consultation about mens wigs in Runcorn, it will be private. There is no need to accept hair loss as your lot in life and pretend to laugh it off. Contact Crown n Glory for your free consultation when the hair loss becomes noticeable and we can begin designing your personal solution. Perhaps you will only need a hair piece to fill in the thinnest areas for a long time. The progression to increased coverage will be gradual and unnoticed. The only people that will know about your wig will be the people you tell.