Do Not Fear Allopecia in Preston

baldDo you know somebody who is suffering from Allopecia in Preston? Allopecia is the technical term for hair loss or baldness, and it affects everyone differently. The psychology of hair thinning is a complex matter: reactions range from barely worrying about it, to severe distress. With between 100 000 and 150 000 hairs on a person’s head, you hardly notice the usual shedding of around fifty to one hundred hairs a day that occurs in the shower or when you brush your hair – it’s when those bald patches start to appear that people don’t know what to do.

In Preston, Allopecia is more common than you think. Whatever the cause, many people who suffer from even mild forms of Allopecia feel embarrassed by the condition. Thankfully help is at hand at Crown n Glory, where you can get wigs of every sort to fit both your complexion and the size of your head. There is no need for discomfort of any sort – the staff at Crown n Glory are both professional and discreet, and will assist with the selecting and fitting of the wig that will suit your style best.

The degree and pattern of baldness varies from individual to individual and from male to female. For males, you will notice hair loss and thinning beginning at the crown of the head and at the temples. For women, hair loss will first be noticed on the front and top of the head. For those suffering from Allopecia, Preston Crown n Glory offers all initial consultations at no charge. With private consulting rooms, there is no need for embarrassment or discomfort. As suppliers to both NHS and private patients, Crown n Glory have your best interests at heart. Find out more on the website, or call today 051 525 0543