What is Hair Integration in Wirral?

integrationYes, you can get hair integration in Wirral! For people with a larger-than-life vision, this is a godsend! A young woman recently took hair integration to a brand new level. As an upcoming director she undertook to recreate the singing 60’s in a local stage production. But she needed almost her entire cast to have long, varying textured hair. How would this be possible? A service like ours makes use of the finest real and synthetic hair available, making young artiste’s dreams come true. Our hair integration units can be woven or bonded onto any existing hair and anyone will be able to turn a group of relatively normal looking actors into a bunch or swinging 60’s bohemians.

As a family run business with over 4 decades of experience we don’t only cater for such delightful frivolities as this. In Wirral hair integration can be a serious business, and we are able to offer a service to those who have suffered hair loss due to a number of serious and difficult medical reasons. For this we are suppliers to the NHS as well as providing a caring, professional service to private clients. Because we are aware that every person has a unique style and character we can offer a wide range of hairstyles and colours as well as supplying maintenance to your hair when required.

We know that for many people it’s an emotional and difficult situation when one is faced with hair loss and so to be able to see how beautiful the hair can look is a true delight. We’ve had many potential customers contact us after seeing our hair integration in Wirral — they admit the relief they feel at knowing how real and beautiful our hairpieces can be. Allow us to offer you the same satisfaction. Contact us on 0151 525 0543 or find out more on our website.