Wig Fitting Service in Liverpool

april 1Crown n Glory offers all the needed services to help you get the prefect hair solution, including a wig fitting service in Liverpool.This is where we are located and our store has a large selection of stocked wigs made from either synthetic or natural hair … but no matter which type you choose, it will not look natural if it is not fitted correctly. To make sure that you leave with a properly fitted wig we will measure for the correct cap size.

With our store conveniently located in Liverpool, our wig fitting service can be done quickly. The measuring is fairly easy: you just start with a tape measure and place one end just above the eyebrow and follow your hair line around your head, meeting back at your forehead. Once we have figured out the circumference of your head then we will know what size cap to start with. For example, if your head measures a little less that 21 inches you may need to start with a petite cap or if you measure over 22 inches we should start with a large cap.

During your wig fitting we may need to make further adjustments such as adding a clip for a snugger fit or we may need to bring it in a bit by adding a tuck to help it fit correctly. With many wigs you will find that they have adjustment built in to the wig so you can let it out as your own hair grows back, but with our wig fitting service in Liverpool, we will help you adjust it as these changes occur. No matter which style of wig you choose we will make sure that it fits you correctly so you get the most natural look possible so call us or stop by and see how we can help you get a properly fitted wig. Contact Crown n Glory today.