Get a Real Hair Wig in Liverpool

Real hair wig in LiverpoolCrown n Glory will supply you with a real hair wig in Liverpool. One of the common enquiries about wigs is which material is better- synthetic or natural hair. Each one of the wig types has their own set of ups and downs. One type of wig might have better durability and strength than the other while the other might be more natural looking and yet cost more. To clear out all the confusion and help you make an intelligent decision, read on for the detailed description of both real and synthetic hair pieces.

In Liverpool, a real hair wig can come in two types. One is raw hair, the other is processed hair. Raw hair is taken from a donor in a ponytail. It looks very natural and is easier to brush or style. Processed human hair may be colored and have an applied chemical and silicon coating; this type of hair is prone to tangling and weaker when compared to raw hair. The main advantages of real hair wigs are that they have a natural look and feel, and styling can be done using hair appliances such as blow dryers and curling irons as they have better heat resistance. On the downside, real hair wigs are much more expensive than the synthetic ones, require great deal of care, and are prone to damage just like real hairs. On the other hand, synthetic wigs — those made from artificial fibers — need less styling because, unlike real hair wigs, synthetic ones have a permanent style. Synthetic wigs also have better colour retention which means the hair colour won’t fade for a long time. Cons of synthetic hair include unnatural look and permanent styling can be quite restricting for some buyers as, if they would like more than one style, they’ll need to buy multiple synthetic wigs of different styles.

Crown n Glory is open to answer all your queries about a real hair wig in Liverpool. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to provide all the necessary consultations to address any of your issues related to hair loss, Alopecia, male pattern baldness, scalp disorders and so on. We have all kinds of wigs to suit your needs and our experts will be happy to suggest the right one for you.