Quality Men’s Wigs In Merseyside

Men’s Wigs In MerseysideMen’s wigs in Merseyside are available from Crown n Glory. As a family run business with over 40 years experience in giving customers beautiful hair and wigs we have the knowledge, expertise and stock to help you. We supply wigs to both NHS patients and private clients who are suffering from hair loss due to Alopecia, tricholatilomania, the side effects of chemotherapy, male pattern baldness and scalp disorders. We stock a range of wigs to suit most needs and tastes.

In Merseyside, men’s wigs are becoming more popular. Good quality wigs are not only available for women. Men are also susceptible to medical conditions or treatments that result in either permanent or temporary hair loss. While bald and shaved heads have become more fashionable, especially in the very young, they are definitely not for everyone! As with women, hair loss and baldness in men can have a profound effect on self-confidence and sense of well-being. As a result, we cater equally for male clients with a range of men’s wigs to suit a variety of tastes and needs. We also offer a bespoke service for those that require it. In addition, we offer both synthetic and human hair wigs. If quality is the only consideration then men’s wigs made from real or human hair are without doubt better. Firstly, real hair wigs are more durable; they will last about a year if properly cared for as opposed to synthetic ones that only last 2 to 6 months. Secondly, real hair wigs of course look and feel very natural. The only disadvantage of real hair wigs is that they are more expensive than synthetic wigs. However, if one balances this against looks, feel, durability and versatility the choice still seems clear.

If you are interested in men’s wigs in Merseyside, call Crown n Glory to arrange your free, confidential and private initial consultation. We will provide all the information and advice you need and full after sales service, including repair and maintenance. Call us today to schedule your discreet appointment!