Hair Integration in Warrington

Hair Integration in WarringtonHair integration in Warrington may be something you never thought you’d need. However, life sometimes takes us in challenging directions. This was never truer than for women battling cancer. With a positive outlook, healthy diet and innovative treatment, it has become possible to manage and even eradicate cancer in many circumstances. During the course of treatment, however, there are often side effects. One of them is hair loss. Although it is explained and expected, nothing can prepare someone for such a dramatic change in her appearance.

In Warrington, hair integration is a delicate art. The kind and gentle staff of Crown n Glory are expert wig and hairpiece professionals. A salon that supports MyNewHair, they cater to clients in medical circumstances, who require personal consultation of a sensitive nature. Your first consultation is free. With a wide range of synthetic and human hair wigs and pieces, you will find the right hairstyle and colour to suit your facial shape, skin tone and personality. Lustrous and natural in feel and appearance, you’ll find the quality of a Crown n Glory wig to be superior, as they stock top-ranked name brands. All of their products are NHS approved.

You never thought you’d need hair integration in Warrington. The understanding Crown n Glory staff are available to you. They have been fitting women with beautiful wigs for over 40 years. Today’s hairpieces are not like your gran’s old wig. Rather, they are especially realistic, and can be brushed and styled like the real thing. Discuss the care of a synthetic versus a natural hair wig, to determine which will meet your needs. Some women prefer the synthetic for easier upkeep, but others prefer the human hair wig for its exceptional appearance. An additional benefit of choosing to wear a wig is the warmth it provides. Hair loss can make a woman feel cold, due to heat lost through the scalp. While some opt for hats or scarves, a wig provides a feeling of normalcy and pride in appearance, making it a positive contribution to an overall treatment regimen. Schedule a consultation today.