Hair Loss From Cancer in Liverpool

Hair Loss From Cancer in LiverpoolHair loss from cancer in Liverpool is not a catastrophe. How grateful we are to modern science for the combination of chemicals in chemotherapy that kill those rapidly growing cancer cells. However, some cancer drugs damage healthy hair follicles as well and hair thins or falls out.  Hair loss begins during the first two weeks of chemotherapy and increases after a month or two into treatment. Hair loss during cancer treatment is not a big price to pay for life saving medications. In time, it will grow back. Still, you want to keep your spirits up during this time and Grown N Glory can help you do that by creating synthetic or human hair wigs and pieces. You may prefer to choose from our stock of ready-made wigs or have a complete custom wig.

In Liverpool, hair loss from cancer treatment affects both men and women. Before you begin chemo, come into Crown N Glory so their dependable staff can take a sample of your natural hair for texture and colour. When the time comes your wig will be ready immediately that you need it and match your own hair as closely as possible. We will help you maintain the beauty and condition of your wig with styling, repair and maintenance. Crown N Glory participates in the “My New Hair” program originated by hair stylist Trevor Sorbie. We support his goal for every woman or man to have access to a wig when suffering hair loss while undergoing chemotherapy.

Whether you suffer hair loss from cancer in Liverpool, or from a number of other causes, you will receive personal and confidential consultations from empathetic professionals. Crown N Glory has been in business since 1969. We are gratified to play a role in lifting the spirits of our clientele during their difficult days. We feel a boost in self-esteem plays a part in the healing process. NHS endorses Crown N Glory for our quality products and services. Male or female, our consultants are here to meet your hair replacement needs whether short term or long term. Our Professional service is at your disposal as you choose natural appearing quality product solutions to hair loss so call Crown n Glory today!