Men’s Wigs in Liverpool

Men’s Wigs in LiverpoolSearching for high quality men’s wigs in Liverpool? We have been in the industry for over 40 years and have been supplying wigs to private and NHS patients. We have a wide range of high quality ready made human and synthetic hair wigs and pieces as well as integration units that can be weaved or bonded to existing hair to give you more volume or coverage. If you are suffering from hair loss, we deal with all types of hair loss, scalp disorders, alopecia, male pattern baldness, EG and tricholatilomania. We provide private consultations of which the first consultation is free. We can provide you with a full custom made service using only the best quality remy or European hair.

In Liverpool, men’s wigs are a suitable solution, if you’re losing your hair and don’t like the idea of shaving your head. We also offer a styling and colouring service as well as a repair and maintenance service and an after sales service. We have a ready made solution for baldness in the form of wigs and hair pieces that are inexpensive as opposed to other treatments that you can wear daily with confidence. We constantly source the newest and finest products, which is why we are hard to beat when it comes to top brand hair pieces and wigs. You can order custom made extensions such as My New Hair that has been highly recommended by Trevor Sorbie.

We are available to assist you with men’s wigs in Liverpool, as our wigs are top quality and look real and natural and can be styled and brushed as required. Baldness in both men and women is very common which in most instances causes one to lose self esteem and can cause severe depression. A hands on approach and solution to hair loss is a natural hair piece or full wig. You can count on our professional team to find the right solution for your specific needs that will look natural. We also provide men with a comprehensive barbers grooming experience where you will be treated to one of the best wet shaves and shampoo and hair cut. For men’s wigs, contact Crown n Glory.