Wet Shave Barber in Maghull

wet shave barber in MaghullWhen you need to visit a wet shave barber in Maghull, visit Crown n Glory. Crown n Glory has been in business for over 40 years, providing unmatched service based on family values. Pampering at a salon is typically associated with women. However, men need pampering just as much! What could be a more luxury pampering experience than a wet shave? Visiting a professional has gained popularity in recent years. Gone is the stigma attached to a man visiting a salon for ‘beauty’ treatments.

In Maghull, wet shave barber at Crown n Glory offers a fantastic opportunity for men to have a bit of time to themselves. When it comes to shaving, they provide the Cunard package, which is a traditional barber experience delivered in a relaxed environment. The prices range from £8 for a dry cut to £14 for a wet shave. You can also make an appointment for a traditional wet shave, shampoo and hair cut for £24.

Crown n Glory is an excellent wet shave barber in Maghull. The Cunard package has a storied history which starts 100 years ago, when Thomas Mcaleavey narrowly survived the sinking of the Lusitania. Returned home, he married the love of his life and had a child named Richard. Richard followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a seaman himself, enrolling for service on the Cunard, providing barber services for the rich and famous. In 1969 he set foot on dry land with the intention of establishing his own barber shop: Crown n Glory. Today, the tradition of a wet shave lives on in the form of the Cunard package. If you want to take the advantage of this package, and would like to find out more about the services of a wet shave barber, contact Crown n Glory.