Wigs for Women in Merseyside

Wigs for Women in MerseysideIf you are searching for wigs for women in Merseyside, remember Crown n Glory. Our name says it all. For women, our hair is our crowning glory. When we lose it, either temporarily or permanently, we feel devastated. We look in the mirror and our face no longer looks like our face. Others may tell us we look fine or it doesn’t matter and they mean well. They may even shave their own heads as an expression of solidarity. That moment passes and we are still faced with a stranger in the mirror. Since 1962 Crown n Glory has been serving women who suffer hair loss because we know it does matter. We want our clients to experience self-confidence again with fine wigs fitted in the discreet comfort of our salon.

We are fully committed to the wellbeing of our private and NHS clients at Crown n Glory. As a full service salon in Merseyside, wigs for women at Crown n Glory are available in synthetic or real hair including Remy. Remy is a high quality of human hair that behaves like your own would. It can be colour treated, styled with hot irons and almost anything else you would do to your own hair. Our consultants will help you choose the best option and price range. If you are suffering from temporary hair loss but know your hair will return, you may want to spend less than if you have permanent loss or thinning hair. Remy hair is especially good for extensions and weaves. It helps make your own hair look fuller and thicker while covering thin spots.

Wigs for women in Merseyside take many forms. At Crown n Glory, we have a selection of readymade synthetic and human hair wigs. If those do not suit count on our custom service for the look you want. Contact Crown n Glory to find out more about our available wigs for women. You are invited to schedule a private and free consultation. Together we will find the right hair replacement solution for you. We will colour and style your new hair according to your wishes. You can rely on our after-care service for maintenance and repairs. Find yourself again with the perfect wig from Crown n Glory. We are a proud supporter of “My New Hair” charity and network of salons founded to assist those with hair loss.