Hair Loss Solutions in St Helens

Hair Loss Solutions in St HelensJust as there are multiple causes for hair loss, Crown n Glory has multiple hair loss solutions in St Helens. The emotional impact of hair loss is similar for all affected; a loss of self-confidence. You may not be surprised to learn that women grieve the loss of their hair. However, while men may not feel ostracised because of male pattern baldness, they grieve the loss of their hair as well. Some reach a point of acceptance but only because society accepts the condition as normal. Women don’t have that same acceptance except with temporary hair loss due to chemo; then it’s a symbol of the battle and good for them. Still, they’re happier when the hair grows back. Their hair is a symbol of their femininity.

We have over forty years’ experience consulting with men and women dealing with thinning hair and hair loss. Our line of natural and synthetic wigs, hair pieces and weaves are, in St Helens, hair loss solutions customised just for our clients. It starts with a phone call to schedule your free private consultation with one of our professionals. We deal with hair loss resulting from alopecia, scalp disorders, male pattern baldness and more. Your consultant will work through the process with you to gain a full understanding of the results you want to achieve. The final solution is your style, your colour, your choice. When you leave our salon with your new hair, we want you to feel confident again like your old self and completely satisfied.

Our expertise with hair loss solutions in St Helens does not include growing your natural hair; but we can make it look as if you did. You will feel secure, natural and confident you look like yourself again with beautiful hair. Contact Crown n Glory to schedule your free consultation. Don’t put it off any longer. You owe it to yourself to find the best possible solution and you find that at Crown n Glory. Forty years of our experience is at your service. We are proud to be part of the “My New Hair” programme. Besides our private clients we also supply NHS patients. Our after care service includes cleaning, styling, colouring and repairs.