Can you Help Someone with Alopecia from Wirral?

april 2There are many different reasons that men or women lose their hair, one such condition is alopecia. Wirral residents should know that we can help anyone suffering from alopecia get the look they desire with either stocked natural or synthetic hair, or perhaps even a custom ordered wig. Most of the time those suffering from this are under the age of 20 and can find the whole idea of purchasing a wig daunting and a bit embarrassing. At Crown N Glory, we are a family owned company and with over 40 years experience dealing with all types of hair loss conditions. We will make sure that you are completely comfortable.

Alopecia is a different type of hair loss as most oftentimes it is not permanent. Generally speaking only 10% of those affected will have complete and permanent loss of hair and we can help those, along with the more common symptoms of alopecia which is losing hair in patchy areas for several months at a time. All customers should know, including residence of Wirral, alopecia may be a bit disconcerting at first but we can help. We can help you with either a full wig or perhaps you want it bonded or weaved with the remaining unaffected hair.

No matter which you choose, we can create a completely natural look and we offer styling and colouring so you can really make the look your own. Whether your symptoms last a few months or it is permanent, we can help you cover or camouflage the hair loss in the way that make you the most comfortable. We can help those affected with alopecia in Wirral feel confident again and take away the embarrassment that many feel with hair loss, so give us a call at Crown N Glory or stop by and see exactly what we can do to help.