Hair Transplant and Cost in Liverpool

Hair Transplant and Cost in LiverpoolYou might consider hair transplant and cost in Liverpool if you are suffering from hair loss. The cost is usually calculated on how many hair grafts are required to restore your hair. Since the transplants are your own existing hair, you must have an adequate amount of hair to work with for transplanting. If you’re losing your hair to male pattern baldness, for instance, you will continue to lose your hair. If you are trying to replace it at the same time you are losing it, you are going to need a top-notch surgeon to make sure the transplant is in a pattern that will look natural.

Not everyone is a good candidate for hair transplant. For some in Liverpool, hair transplant and cost is outside their budget. Many who could afford the cost are not willing to endure the discomfort or the slow progress. Others who have lost all their hair permanently to disease have no useable hair follicle to transplant. Hair loss from cancer treatments can leave a person bald for a year or two. Once treatment is completed most of their hair will grow back. Likely a year or two of baldness is a year or two too long for most of us. These are our customers at Crown n Glory that our family run business has been serving for over 40 years; both NHS and private clients.

As an alternative to hair transplant and cost in Liverpool, we specialise in natural looking wig fitting. Contact Crown n Glory to schedule a consultation with our experienced staff to discover the best option for you. We can match your natural hair colour and style using real or synthetic wigs, weaves or pieces. We have solutions to suit most budgets and follow up care for styling and cleaning is always available. We have wigs in our shop ready to go so there’s no waiting. If you order a personalised wig the wait will still not be long and you’ll be walking around with a full head of hair again. You will feel comfortable and confident. There is no slipping and your hair will move and swing just like your own natural hair. Our solution is both physically and financially painless.