Bespoke Wigs in Liverpool

Bespoke Wigs in LiverpoolCrown n Glory is a proud supplier of quality bespoke wigs in Liverpool. We have more than 40 years experience in the industry during which time we have gained a reputation for service excellence and discretion. Our family-run business works directly with customers and we are a NHS Contract Supplier. Regardless of the cause of hair loss, we can provide advice and a range of synthetic and human hair wigs and hair pieces. We also offer bespoke wigs. We have been asked on occasion what bespoke wigs are.

In Liverpool, bespoke wigs from our company are made-to-order wigs that are created specifically for an individual to meet his or her unique specifications. There are certain customers who for some reason don’t find what they need or want in our standard range of wigs. They may also have certain requirements in terms of length, style, colour and so forth that can only be satisfied if we design and produce a wig especially for them. For instance, if one wants a wig that can be changed almost as easily as hair can and is very close in colour to one’s own hair, then we will provide a human hair wig that offers a number of benefits over the less expensive synthetic bespoke wig. This is often important to our female customers in particular. Firstly, a human hair wig will of course look and feel more natural than synthetic wigs. Secondly, these high quality wigs can be styled as one would one’s own hair. This allows the owner of a bespoke human hair wig to change hair styles if and when they want to as the wig can be styled with ease. Finally, bespoke hair wigs are more durable. We also offer our customers a full after sales repair and maintenance service.

If you want bespoke wigs in Liverpool contact us at Crown n Glory today! Our friendly staff members will be happy to provide information or book your initial free consultation to discuss your needs!