Chemotherapy Hair Loss in Liverpool

Chemotherapy Hair Loss in LiverpoolCancer patients who suffer from chemotherapy hair loss in Liverpool, need to understand that the hair loss is a very common and expected side-effect of chemotherapy. In most cases, people who’ve battled with a disease like cancer tend not to worry about the hair loss side effect but the fact is, returning to a normal lifestyle can be a bit harder without the regular head of hair they may have had. Planning ahead for something like this can be beneficial when the time actually comes and you have to counter hair loss due to chemotherapy sessions. The amount of hair you lose depends entirely on the kind of dosage you’ve received.

In Liverpool, hair loss due to chemotherapy cannot be avoided.  It is good to know that when you are undergoing chemotherapy sessions, and after, you can find a way to compensate for that hair loss.  Hairpieces or wigs can be beneficial here. There is no treatment for the hair loss you experience, but you will be pleased to know that the hair loss needn’t be permanent. Once your therapy is complete and all the chemotherapy medication has passed through your system, your body will recover and your hair should begin growing again. It is during this transition period where you might want to consider a hairpiece or wig.

The question is, after chemotherapy hair loss in Liverpool, what can a hair piece really do for you? The answer is simple – it helps you return to your normal life as the hair re-growth may take anywhere between three to ten months, depending on the kind of dosage you received. What’s more, you might want to ask your medical practitioner to write out a prescription for a wig as a lot of medical insurance plans cover wigs for people undergoing cancer treatment. If you are looking for a hair piece to help you counter chemotherapy side effects, come on down to Crown n Glory and we’ll help you pick something that works wonders for you