Wet Shave Specialists in Merseyside

Wet Shave Specialists in MerseysideCrown n Glory are the finest wet shave specialists in Merseyside. What makes them so good? They are a family run business with over 40 years’ experience, with skilled barbers offering an excellent service. The high standard of service is well known and each customer is given a fully dedicated package leaving them feeling like a new man. A wet shave has fallen out of favour since the introduction of disposable multi-blade razors. While disposable razors are great to use in today’s busy world, it has been said that nothing beats the great feeling of a perfectly smooth skin after a professionally done wet shave.

In Merseyside, wet shave specialists are found at a salon called Crown n Glory. The Cunard Package is a wet shave treatment that will leave your skin feeling pampered and cared for, not to mention closely shaved. This includes a wet shave and a traditional cut, and is by appointment only as takes longer than an ordinary dry cut. If you would like to be pampered, consider having a professional wet shave.

Wet shave specialists in Merseyside are hard at work at Crown n Glory where every customer is treated like a king.   Have you got a wedding or a special occasion coming up? A wet shave is the perfect smooth shave to have to prepare for the special occasion. After all, you want to look your best and a cleanly shaven man is a well groomed man. The skilled barbers at Crown n Glory will first lather your face with a brush and delicately scented soaps specifically designed for wet shaving. Once your face is lathered and your facial hair is soft, they will begin the shave. After the shave they will rinse your face with warm water and pat it dry with a soft towel. If you would like, they will apply an aftershave lotion of your choice. The wet shave specialists have years of experience and will leave your face feeling smooth. The benefits of a wet shave are many, including leaving your skin feeling supple and clean. If you would like the professional treat of a wet shave, contact Crown n Glory today.