Hair Loss in Maghull

hair loss in MaghullYou would love to sit with your hands in your hair but instead suffer from hair loss in Maghull. 60% of hair loss sufferers would rather have hair than money or friends. Baldness affect 4 in 7 men, but the quest for terrific tresses is a universal one, affecting both male and female and pleb or celeb. It’s no secret that John Travolta wears a ‘head rug’, but those swooning over the auburn waves of Susan Sarandon or Kate Beckinsale’s opaque mane, may be surprised to know those luscious locks are not fully their own.

In Maghull, hair loss is as much of a challenge as it is the world over. Statistics have shown that British men are more concerned about receding hairlines than their European counterparts. Male Pattern Baldness is the cause of 95% of baldness with Alopecia, EG tricholatilomania, scalp disorders and cancer treatment as the other main contributors. Fortunately, there is a solutions are available to remedy any hair loss situation. Crown n Glory are purveyors of ready made wigs, hair pieces and integration units for coverage and volume. A complete styling and colouring service as well as repair and maintenance is provided. They use Remy hair and support My New Hair by Trevor Sorbie. Both NHS and private patients are among their clientele.

Not just concerned with hair loss in Maghull, Crown n Glory also offer a comprehensive male grooming experience. The historical Cunard barber package has been handed down from generation to generation of ships barbers and will certainly float your boat. Having brushed up on the potential of a new coiffure, it is time for you to haul out and dust off the old hair dryer and accessories. For more information about hair loss, don’t hesitate to contact Crown n Glory.