Wet Shave Barber in Crosby

wet shave barber in CrosbyVisit a wet shave barber in Crosby for that immaculate clean-cut look. How and when you shave can affect not only your appearance, but the health of your skin. Have you ever wondered whether a wet shave is better than a dry shave? Both have their benefits, and if you’re shaving at home or on the go, the portability of an electric razor for a dry shave is advantageous. However, there is nothing more luxurious than getting a good old fashioned wet shave at a barber shop. The traditional blades used for professional wet shaves also guarantee the closest cut with no stubble or “shadow”.

Every man needs a bit of pampering now and then, and in Crosby, a wet shave barber at Crown n Glory is about as good as it can get! Their Cunard package is the ultimate male grooming experience that honours the history of the traditional wet shave. It also includes a hair wash and cut for a complete revitalisation of your image. Using exfoliating face wash, badger brushes and hot towel treatment, a wet shave is a luxurious way to kick back and unwind for a little while. It will cleanse and improve the skin, offering a more youthful and healthy boost to your appearance.

Crown n Glory’s Cunard package is executed by their professional wet shave barber in Crosby. This service evolved from their family’s longstanding skill as barbers that advanced through the generations. Having been a family business for over 40 years, they are well-versed in providing a service that caters for the needs of the working man. Contact Crown n Glory to chat to a wet shave barber today. They will ensure that your experience is enjoyable, satisfying and comfortable, from the excellent quality of the shave itself to the friendliness and care they deliver.