Specialist Wig Fitting in Walton

specialist wig fitting in WaltonIf you have experienced hair loss, temporary or permanent, a specialist wig fitting in Walton at Crown n Glory will restore your confidence. We supply the finest hair products for our clients because a poor solution to hair loss is no solution at all. It’s a waste of money. Following with that philosophy is our careful choice of qualified and experienced staff members who are understanding, discreet and empathetic. Our services are available for both men and women with specialised services to meet individual needs. We have been serving private clients as well as NHS patients for forty years and we’re still family owned. Therefore, we are flexible and approachable because we want each client to know he or she is unique.

Crown n Glory stocks wigs and hair extenders and we also arrange for custom made wigs. When the solution is hair replacement in Walton, specialist wig fitting is essential for a natural fit and look. We know that some women will buy a wig mail order to pull on when they can’t or haven’t had their hair done. The result is hair that looks like a wig and is as hot as a woollen hat. The colour and thickness will likely never match your own hair so the effect is like pulling on a hat. Careful fitting and a superior product equals a great solution. At Crown n Glory we painstakingly select, fit and style your wig so you can feel confident that it looks and fits like your own hair. For your wig to look natural you need it to feel comfortable so you can wear it without fuss or irritation.

At Crown n Glory, our specialist wig fitting in Walton will make you feel and look wonderful and confident. Contact us and make an appointment with one of our specialist wig fitters for a free consultation. We can explain your options and offer the right solution for your colouring, style and comfort. There is no one-size-fits-all for natural looking wigs. We also provide a full follow up service for cleaning, repairs and styling to help you keep your wig looking fresh and beautiful.