Hair Integration in Walton

Hair Integration in WaltonEver wonder what is hair integration in Walton? Hair integration is an ideal solution for individuals looking for hair replacement, particularly for those with patchy or thinning hair. It is a non-surgical procedure where existing and real hair are customised into a single unit. This unit is made from a fine mesh and shaped to fit the person’s scalp. It is discreetly attached to the person’s head. Depending on the service provider, premium quality hair is usually chosen.  People who still have some of their own hair will definitely benefit from this treatment. Many choose this treatment because it provides immediate, full coverage. The unit hair can match existing hair colour or something different.

For our clients in Walton, hair integration, hair wigs and other services related to hair loss are offered at Crown N Glory. We have more than four decades of experience supplying wigs to both private clients and NHS patients. All of our initial consultations are at no cost to you. These are conducted in our private, consulting rooms. At Crown N Glory, we deal with all types of hair loss such as those caused by alopecia, male pattern baldness, scalp disorders and tricholatilamania. We have an extensive stock of human hair and synthetic pieces and hair wigs, including integration units. These can be easily weaved or bonded onto your existing hair. It will instantly provide volume and or full coverage. Customers can also opt for our full styling and colouring services. After the hair integration unit has been placed, customers can access our maintenance and repair services at any time.

Stop dealing with the shame of hair loss and opt for hair integration in Walton. Contact Crown N Glory today and find out how hair integration will work for you.   Our initial consultations are free of charge, so schedule a consultation with one of our experts. We offer private consulting rooms to deal with all types of hair loss.