Hair Integration in Crosby

Hair Integration in CrosbyYou have probably noticed those with hair integration in Crosby. You would only notice if their hair got longer or changed colour overnight. They have used a hair piece integrated into their own hair to create a whole new hair style. Young women love to add pink or purple hair pieces for a night out and then remove it before work. Hair integration is a fun and stylish way to accessorise for some people. For others, hair integration is a miracle solution to hair loss. Those with alopecia, hair loss due to cancer treatment or thinning hair due to ageing are finding their self-confidence again through our services, including professional hair integration at Crown n Glory.

At Crown n Glory, we stock both synthetic and human hair that is so natural looking it is not detectable by others. In Cosby, hair integration is popular because it looks and feels as though it’s part of your own hair. We serve men and women. Just because male pattern baldness is a family trait does not mean you can’t live your life with a full head of hair. A consultation with one of our stylists will help you find your best solution. Surprising to some, women can experience male pattern baldness. Integration is a painless and non-surgical procedure. Natural hair is attached to a light mesh unit made specifically for you. The mesh unit is then discreetly secured to your scalp and, unnoticed by others.

Our staff at Crown n Glory are well trained in hair integration in Crosby. You can step out with confidence with the assurance your hair integration will look and feel natural. Contact Crown n Glory for a consultation. There are many causes for hair loss and all result in self-consciousness and even social withdrawal. Let us help you as we have many others. We will explain the process to you and how we style your hair integrating the hair piece. When we are finished, the integrated piece will blend naturally with your own hair.  For over 40 years we have been successfully serving those with hair loss from many causes through natural wigs, hair pieces and extensions. At Crown n Glory, our staff and products are endorsed by the NHS.