Hair Transplant and Cost in Kirkdale

Hair Transplant and Cost in KirkdaleThere are a few reasons why you’d wonder about hair transplant and cost in Kirkdale. Some of those reasons – both in men and women – could be medical. You could lose your tresses to cancer, tricholatilomania, alopecia, or just garden variety genetic balding. It’s said the balding genes come from your mum, not your dad, so you might want to check her head … as well as her male relatives … just to be sure. Whatever the trigger was for your shedding locks, hair transplants are a good option. They give you a natural look, but can be expensive. Hair transplants can cost anything from £3,000 to £10,000.

Wherever you live in Kirkdale, hair transplant and cost are driven by a variety of factors. It’s a surgical procedure, so you’ll need aftercare. This includes pain medication, anti-inflammatories, and antibiotics, all of which raise your expenses. Fortunately, it’s possible to get a gorgeous, natural-looking mane at a fraction of that price. Plus, it’ll be covered by NHS. So, what are your alternatives? At Crown n Glory, we offer weaves, wigs, and hair pieces. You can buy something ready-made or we can tailor one just for your needs. Come in for a free consultation and our hair technicians will guide you on what works best for your face shape.

You don’t have to worry about hair transplant and cost in Kirkdale, because you can get equally beautiful results with bonding and weaving. Crown n Glory designs a look using human hair pieces and synthetic ones too. We give you volume and coverage without the pain and drama of surgical hair transplants. Plus, because we also offer hairdressing services, we can style and maintain your look for you. To find out more about hair transplant and cost, contact Crown n Glory. We do male and female cuts, colouring, and any necessary repairs. So whether you need your roots redone or a trim for split ends, we’ll keep your hair looking movie-star gorgeous, at friendly prices that your public insurance package will be glad to foot the bill for.