Hair Transplant and Cost in Bootle

Hair Transplant and Cost in BootleHair transplant and cost in Bootle deserves some research if your hair is thinning or your hairline receding. After all, nobody wants to go bald or have hair so thin the scalp is visible through it. Yet, it happens to men and women alike of all ages and for many reasons. Sometimes, it’s just heredity but other times it’s due to illness and skin conditions on the scalp. Hair loss due to cancer treatments would not warrant hair transplants because that hair will grow back. Hair transplants are a surgical procedure and while it’s not like having your gallbladder out it still causes discomfort, takes time and puts you at risk for infection. You also must submit to the surgery multiple times, depending on the extent of your hair loss.

The surgery itself involves removing living hair producing follicles from areas of your scalp where you do have hair and transplanting into the bald areas. In Bootle, hair transplant and cost is based on the number of transfers. However, it is a slow tedious process for both the patient and the surgeon. You can understand why the cost is high. A ballpark cost is as low as £1,450 for 500 grafts to as high as £15,750 for 7000 grafts. It’s likely not all will take. If hair transplants are outside your comfort zone we have good news. For over 40 years Crown n Glory has offered our private and NHS hair loss clients a personalised, permanent and cost effective solution.

Rather than suffer the discomfort of hair transplant and cost in Bootle, Crown n Glory solutions for hair loss is our range of superb quality made hair pieces, wigs, weaves and hair bonding. This solution is far less expensive yet just as effective. Our expertise with colour and thickness hair matching and customised fitting means no one will likely know you are wearing a wig. If you hated your hair before, this time around you may have what you like. Chemo patients will find lovely wigs to match their own hair at reasonable cost that will make them feel beautiful until their own hair grows back. Contact Crown n Glory and schedule a consultation. We have the solution you want at affordable prices.