Hair Loss in Liverpool

Hair Loss in LiverpoolMale Pattern Baldness is a common reason for most hair loss in Liverpool for men. As men begin to lose their hair, especially younger men, friends and family joke about them getting old. They will slap them on the back and tell them they take after Uncle Albie or have inherited their genes from Moms’ side of the family. It is all in good fun with no harm intended. Of course, the man losing his hair laughs along, so he is not thought to be vain or a poor sport. At Crown n Glory, we have male clients that laugh on the outside but inside, they do not consider their hair loss funny. They come to our salon for help, and we show them that hair loss does not have to be their inheritance.

In Liverpool, hair loss and thinning is experienced by women too. Interestingly enough, nobody laughs good naturedly and slaps Mom on the back when her hairline begins to recede, or a bald spot appears on her crown. Somehow, we all know that is unacceptable and likely dangerous behavior. For some women, it is not so much hair loss as it is the hated thin, limp hair they have despised their whole life. These women visit us at Crown n Glory as well for help achieving the thick manageable hairstyles of their dreams.

Hair loss in Liverpool, caused by disease or genetics, is equally devastating for both men and women. The impact on self-confidence is universal. Our clients come to Crown n Glory for help and leave happy. The reason is, during our forty years in business we have attained a high level of expertise in the important areas. Our stock of real and synthetic hairpieces and full wigs are the finest brands. We also do custom work. We work with NHS clients and private to give the look they want within their budget. Our colourists and stylists are some the best in the business, and we offer a full follow up service. Crown n Glory offers private consultations with our discreet staff. All initial consultations are free of charge. Contact Crown n Glory for more information on hair loss.