Alopecia in Southport

Alopecia in SouthportAlopecia in Southport is a hair loss condition suffered by both men and women alike. For men it could be Androgenic Alopecia (male pattern baldness) while women could also suffer from hereditary hair loss problems. Alopecia is a cover term for hair thinning and baldness, the causes of which could be genetic, medical or health related, a result of aging, or caused by stress or chemotherapy. It can be a very emotional and stressful thing to find that you are balding, no matter your gender or age. There are a number of social stigmas attached to hair loss, and one may struggle with the change to their appearance or their perception of themselves. Luckily, we have an affordable, effective solution if you are worried about hair loss.

If you are tired of hiding beneath hats and scarves in Southport, alopecia treatments might be considered. However, chemical or surgical hair loss treatments can be invasive, painful, unreliable or even dangerous. Finding the right treatment that guarantees safe and lasting results can be extremely expensive, especially considering the fact that you have to return for regular treatments. At Crown n Glory, we have a much easier solution. We offer an extensive and impressive range of hair pieces and wigs at competitive prices. Wigs offer a lot of flexibility, not only in style but also in application and practicality. We can find the perfect match for your existing hair colour, or go bolder or brighter if you feel like it. Once the best match is selected, we can custom fit it to your measurements to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. There is a myth that hair pieces and wigs become itchy, scratchy and uncomfortable easily, but this is only true for inferior quality wigs.

We provide only the best quality wigs and hairs pieces as a remedy for your alopecia in Southport. Our selection include both synthetic and human hair wigs and pieces that offer the best in natural looking hair with gloss, volume and style. Contact Crown n Glory if you want relief from your alopecia. All our wigs are top quality and fully endorsed by the NHS.