Hair Transplant and Cost in Runcorn

Hair Transplant and Cost in RuncornThere are many points to consider before having a hair transplant and cost in Runcorn is just one of them. It is not suitable for all types of baldness and could cost anything up to thirty thousand Pounds. The usual method to restore hair to areas that are affected is by cutting a strip of hair bearing skin from the back and sides of the head and dividing it into individual hair grafts. Each graft contains about two hairs. The grafts are then placed into cuts made in the scalp. The wound at the back of the head is closed with stitches. There are easier options that can make you look good and are painless.

As we age there are many changes to our body and one of the most noticeable is balding. In Runcorn, hair transplant and the cost thereof is a big decision. It can alter your looks and can cause problems. With follicular unit extraction the entire head is shaved and a special punch is used to remove individual hair grafts one by one. The grafts are placed into cuts made in the scalp. Hair transplants usually take a full day to accomplish. If the area to be covered is large then more than one session is needed, months apart. You will need to take time off work, normally around three days. It will take at least 2 weeks for the grafts to be secure so care will need to be taken.

Baldness affects 4 in 7 men in the UK and hair transplant and cost in Runcorn can be an option. Contact Crown n Glory today for a pain free alternative with far lower costs. Our stylish hair pieces are custom made and properly secured by weaving or bonding to your head. For over 40 years we have been helping people regain their self esteem with synthetic or real human hair wigs and pieces.  The hair is then styled and dyed to match your own hair.