Hair Restoration and Cost in Walton

Hair Restoration and Cost in WaltonFind out about top quality hair restoration and cost in Walton when you have suffered hair loss. Crown n Glory have nearly four decades’ experience in providing hair restoration solutions to a variety of clients including NHS patients and private individuals. We encourage clients to visit us for a free, initial consultation to clear all their doubts, ask questions and get complete information that allows them to make the right choice. It also gives us the opportunity to understand your unique needs, preferences and budget. Our private consulting rooms allow you to express your ideas in complete privacy.

If you need after sales advice and services, along with repairs and maintenance, we provide these too. In Walton, hair restoration and cost are based on the individual product and services purchased. Our free consultation helps clients to understand the pricing bands and options available for their own particular requirements. Not all people suffering from hair loss are suitable candidates for hair restoration. There are both surgical and non-surgical options available. Hair transplantation is a lengthy and expensive procedure and not everyone can afford it. It also depends on the extent of loss. If the client is very young, our experts recommend that they wait before undertaking any kind of procedure. They can use temporary solutions like wigs and hairpieces till the loss has been fully established. Non surgical options include medications like Minoxidil for men and Finasteride for women, or low level light therapies, hair micro-pigmentation, tattooing, microfibres, camouflage treatments like scalp coloration or partial hair replacement systems.

Hair restoration and cost in Walton can be tailored to meet your requirements and preferences. Complete hair transplantation could cost up to £30,000 according to NHS data. Contact us for more information about our treatment for hair loss and the cost thereof. We help patients who have undergone hair loss due to a variety of conditions including alopecia, EG, tricholatilomania, male pattern baldness and other scalp disorders. Our solutions include top quality synthetic and human hair wigs and pieces, integration units for bonding and weaving on to existing hair for volume, coverage and thickness, and full styling and colouring services.