Living With Alopecia Areata in Liverpool

Living With Alopecia Areata in LiverpoolAlopecia areata is a challenging dermatological condition, and treatment is available in Liverpool. The sufferer experiences loss of hair in round patches and not just on the scalp, but in other body areas, as well. Hair that falls out sometimes grows back, but it may fall out again. It seems that the problem is an autoimmune type of condition, in which the body attacks its own hair follicles. If you have noticed round, shiny patches, where there once was hair, you may have this type of alopecia, or baldness. The fingernails can also be affected, with symptoms like pitting and brittleness. While there is no actual cure, a dermatologist who makes the diagnosis can prescribe medications that will encourage hair to re-grow more quickly. For some, the condition will improve. Others will experience an ongoing cycle of hair growth and loss.

In Liverpool, alopecia areata is a fairly common disorder, but it is one that can cause great emotional distress. Patchy baldness makes many sufferers self-conscious. Fortunately, there are options. Some men will sport shaved heads, for a contemporary look. Others prefer a hairpiece. Crown n Glory offer a top-quality line of hairpieces and wigs for wear during episodes of hair loss, or all the time. They can match your own hair colour and style, or assist you in selecting something entirely new. The beauty of a synthetic or natural hairpiece is that you can reinvent yourself in whatever image you’d like.

When you suffer from alopecia areata, you may want to consider joining a support group in Liverpool. You are not alone. Men, women, and children suffer from this disorder. Sharing your experience may inspire someone who is newly diagnosed. Hair loss is not contagious, or threatening to one’s general health, but that may be small comfort to someone living with it. Are you ready to talk about hairpiece options to suit your active lifestyle? Crown n Glory are waiting to arrange your free consultation.