Treating Trichotillomania in Liverpool

Trichotillomania in LiverpoolTrichotillomania in Liverpool is a disorder that involves removing or pulling out ones own hair. It can be classified as a compulsive disorder and people suffering from the problem have the constant urge to pull out their own hair. This can result in a noticeable thinning of the hair and even large bald patches. Aside from the physical damage that the disorder can cause, people suffering from this problem can suffer from stress, anxiousness and tension. It can be a particular problem for sufferers when they are in social settings due to the potential embarrassment of others looking at their hair. The usual trigger for the disorder is stress and it can be evident from an early age. Typically, the problem will become evident in the pre-teen years. Although this disorder is rare, only up to four percent of the countries population suffer from it, numbers are slowly increasing.

In Liverpool, trichotillomania can be a major source of embarrassment for those that are affected by it. Although the main area of hair that will be pulled out is from the scalp, sufferers have also been known to remove hair from the nose, eyebrows, arms and legs. The usual scenario involves people suffering from the disorder removing one hair at a time. However, this process can last up to four hours which can result in excessive hair loss. Many sufferers attempt to cover or conceal the problem so it can be difficult to diagnose.

The most common treatments of trichotillomania in Liverpool revolve around psychotherapy and medication. The treatment that is chosen will depend upon the age of the sufferer. The most successful treatment of trichotillomania involves HRT or habit reversal training. This is a form of psychotherapy which involves training the sufferers mind to stop pulling out the hair. Medication can also be prescribed to reduce the symptoms of the disorder. For those that suffer the embarrassment of the trichotillomania, a common temporary solution is to visit a hair clinic and undergo hair restoration treatments.