Hair Transplant and Cost in Southport

Hair Transplant and Cost in SouthportAt Crown n Glory a client will sometimes inquire about hair transplant and cost in Southport. The truth is, no one hair replacement solution is right for everybody. Those with temporary hair loss and permanent hair loss due to disease are not good candidates for transplant. The first is unnecessary because hair will regrow and the second has a poor chance of success. A good solution for each is one of our natural looking wigs. For temporary hair loss, we have ready-made synthetic hair wigs at an affordable cost. These same wigs will serve well for permanent hair loss but if you prefer, we can order a custom fitted wig of real hair. Male pattern baldness or hair thinning due to age send some to investigate hair transplants. Our affordable alternative to hair transplant, hair integration or weave into your own hair usually works well for a completely natural look.

Still, bald spots and thinning hair take a toll on the confidence of some and they are convinced that hair transplant is the only acceptable solution. In Southport, hair transplant and cost for aftercare can be as high as £2800. That is a lot of money but several sessions are required for a surgeon to remove undamaged hair follicles from one part of your head and transplant them to the bald areas in hope it grows. Because of the series of incisions the procedure can be painful so aftercare comprises pain relievers and antibiotics to prevent infection. You may find hair transplant clinics with low prices but do you really expect good results from a cheap surgeon. Even in the best of circumstances, successful hair growth is not guaranteed. There seem to be many levels of success.

Our advice when asked about hair transplant and cost in Southport is proceed slowly. Investigate clinics carefully before selecting one. Speak with a few clients of that clinic and ask about their experience. If you like their answers and the cost is not an issue, then schedule a consultation. All of that takes time, so while you’re researching, contact Crown n Glory and try a weave or hair integration. Our professionals are so skilled that you will have difficulty distinguishing your own from the replacement hair. Others likely won’t notice at all. The time commitment is one consultation and one appointment; you’re out the door with a full head of hair and on the town that night. The integration solution will serve well until you can schedule your surgery. By then, you may change your mind about surgical hair transplant.