Hair Loss in Southport

Hair Loss in SouthportProblems with hair loss in Southport or any other location can cause huge distress, embarrassment and even depression in severe cases. But despair not – help is at hand! At Crown n Glory we believe that hair loss shouldn’t put a dampener on your style or your spirits. Women’s and men’s hair loss can be caused by various reasons. They include stress, side-effects of chemotherapy and cancer treatments, medications, fungal infection, crash-dieting, other long and serious illnesses, alopecia, health conditions like thyroidism, and auto-immune diseases, and accidents. People who experience hair loss become anxious and lose their self-confidence. A luxuriant head of hair is deemed to be a sign of youth, health and beauty in women. Men’s hair loss affects more than a quarter of men in the UK, in the range of nearly 7 million people. We provide simple, effective and cost-effective solutions to the problem of hair loss.

Our extensive range of hair pieces and wigs for private and NHS clients offers a within-reach solution. In Southport, hair loss issues can be discussed with our team of professionally qualified, trained and experienced experts. As a family-run business with more than four decades’ experience in this sector, we are proud to be endorsed by celebrities as well as regular customers. Our initial consultations are free, completely confidential, and with no obligations. Our private consulting rooms provide you with the necessary privacy and discretion to deal with all types of hair loss issues.

If you’d like a customised product for hair loss in Southport, we can create one that matches your needs, preferences, taste and budget. We provide premium-quality Remy or European hair for best results. We can help you choose exactly the right product, provided you are willing to take the time and effort to get the one that looks right. If you’d like to experiment, why not try different styles? For more about how we can help you with hair loss, contact Crown n Glory. We have an extensive inventory of high-quality ready-made human hair and synthetic products. Along with hair pieces and wigs, we also offer integration units that can be bonded or woven into existing hair for coverage and volume.