Hair Restoration and Cost in Walton

Hair Restoration and Cost in WaltonA free and private consultation at Crown n Glory will answer your questions about hair restoration and cost in Walton and your available options. Hair loss, especially permanent hair loss, takes a heavy toll on the confidence of both men and women. It’s not really about vanity; it’s about how we are used to seeing ourselves. Disease can cause permanent hair loss but for many, thinning hair and hair loss is hereditary. Men are supposed to grin and bear it while women receive more sympathy. Crown n Glory was founded in 1969 on the belief that solutions be made available to counter the personal distress of hair loss. Our wigs, hairpieces and weaves are comfortable and natural looking. We have quality hair pieces to fit temporary and permanent need  to fit every budget.

Some who experience permanent hair loss or thinning hair just want their own hair back and making that happen is worth the time, discomfort and cost. We understand completely but caution those in Walton, hair restoration and cost through transplants may not meet expectations. The skin on our scalp is sensitive and the process of transplant can be painful. Removing hair follicles from one area to another area of the scalp is tedious and time consuming. Some of the follicles will take and others won’t. If you decide to take the hair transplant route to hair restoration, it will be very expensive.

So how will you deal with hair restoration and cost in Walton while waiting for hair to grow back, or transplants to succeed or not? Contact Crown n Glory and schedule a free and discreet consultation with one of our professional technicians. We have beautiful hair pieces ready to wear the same day. Or, order a custom piece designed just for you. Count on our experience and dedication to the cause to fit you with natural, easy care hair that looks like your own. If you have never had thick luxurious hair you may want your hair piece to mimic your own hair in texture and mass. Or, maybe you will decide you would like to try the thick and luxurious you’ve always envied. At Crown n Glory, the choice is yours and your satisfaction is guaranteed.