Hair Restoration in St Helens

Hair Restoration in St HelensWhy suffer distress and embarrassment when you can get expert hair restoration in St Helens? Hair loss can be traumatic for both men and women. At Crown n Glory, we have more than four decades’ experience in addressing a range of hair loss problems that affect both men and women. As a family-run business, we have wide-ranging experience in supplying top-quality wigs and hairpieces to NHS patients and private clients. Hair loss can result in low confidence, depression and self-imposed social isolation. Hair plays an important role in one’s self-image. It implies health and youth. People who suffer from hair loss may also feel that their personal and professional relationships are impacted by their looks.  However, in men, there may be genetic factors that predispose them to early hair loss in their twenties and thirties. Other factors like illness, certain skin and scalp conditions, infections, or deficiencies can cause hair loss. Common male pattern baldness is another reason.

Women’s hair loss can arise from genetic factors, side-effects of medication, age, menopause, chemotherapy, or nutritional deficiencies. In St Helens, hair restoration provides a viable alternative. There are different options available in the market today. Your trichologist or skin specialist can give you the right advice and treatment options. Automated FUE hair restoration is the most advanced procedure, while robotic transplant is another cutting edge procedure. You can also opt for hair cloning or PRP therapy. Stem cell therapy, eyebrow and facial hair restoration are the other important methods available. If you don’t want to go in for a surgical procedure, non-surgical alternatives like cosmetic hair transplantation can be selected. It’s important to analyze and research each of these methods before you make a decision. Each situation is unique and we provide bespoke solutions for each of our clients.

Whatever the option chosen, hair restoration in St Helens provided by Crown n Glory is backed by our expert team of specialists. Our services are endorsed by famous celebrities and athletes. To find out more about hair restoration services, contact Crown n Glory. We guarantee complete confidentiality, expert services and premium-quality products to suit your needs, style, life-style and budget. All our initial consultations are free of charge.